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10 Success Principles to Live By

10 Success Principles to Live By

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This is true for all businesses and ventures. I have often found this among clients, whether it is SMEs requiring business coaching; training employees within large companies; setting up systems, processes and strategies and even helping non-profit organizations to leverage off of enterprise development and socio-economic development. Despite the different solutions that are developed and the diverse nature of our clients, the common denominator has always been the same – just begin the process!

My name is Jared Shippel. I am the founder and CEO of Qhubeka Consulting, and have served as a director and non-executive director of several businesses, in startup and operational phases, in the diverse industries of Education, Health, Tourism, Wholesale and Retail, Food and Beverage, Finance and Services. My passion for innovation and strategic people development, as well as my experience as a business owner and human capital specialist have provided the impetus to start Qhubeka Consulting. It is this experience and range of skills that has allowed me to hone my ability to simplify, explain and implement client-centred solutions to the challenges that they experience, particularly with their most valuable asset – their people.

Qhubeka Consulting is the culmination of over a decade of research, experience and collaborations, providing our clients with a way to “dodge the raindrops” and escape many of the pitfalls involved in getting started and then creating something remarkable and innovative.

Why am I mentioning all of this? Because it is possible for anyone to create something valuable and meaningful from their passion. Mine has been about building people and assisting companies in doing the same.

The process is arduous, rocky and there are many challenges, but there is no growth without a journey and there is no journey without taking your first step to achieving your goals and aspirations.

Once the journey has begun it does not end. You will reach points where goals are attained and success is more tangible, but without constantly setting new horizons to travel towards, stagnation and complacence will set you back.

The key is to constantly challenge yourself and follow a set of principles that will keep driving you forward towards your goals, while creating value at the same time. The following 10 principles that will help you do exactly this.

  1. Follow your curiosity – Do what interests you.
  2. Persevere – Success takes time, patience and effort.
  3. Focus on the Present – “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present”.” (Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda 2008)
  4. Use your Imagination – Learn to use your creative abilities to solve a problem or need.
  5. Make Mistakes – We learn from experience and often we need to fail in order to create something more valuable and meaningful.
  6. Live in the Moment – Maximize the value of your immediate opportunities.
  7. Create Value – Always look for a way to address the needs and challenges of your clients.
  8. Don’t Expect Different Results – Do things differently and innovatively if you hope to see new outcomes.
  9. Knowledge Comes from Experience – The more you do, the greater your proficiency becomes.
  10. Learn the Rules and then Play Better – The greater your knowledge and skill becomes, the easier it is to find ways to apply them.

These same principles are applicable in every facet of our lives. One just needs to start the journey and keep going. The rocks can be traversed; the pitfalls can be sidestepped; but taking that first step, while daunting, is enormously liberating at the same time.

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