Innovative Methods To Engage and Motivate Learning

What does an IR code have to do with learning? Is innovation in the world of learning only applicable to the millennial generation? Are more mature learners satisfied with the current pedagogical strategies that are employed in adult learning environments? These are seemingly arbitrary questions that are often not considered by many educators today for a number of reasons. They […]

10 Success Principles to Live By

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This is true for all businesses and ventures. I have often found this among clients, whether it is SMEs requiring business coaching; training employees within large companies; setting up systems, processes and strategies and even helping non-profit organizations to leverage off of enterprise development and socio-economic development. Despite the […]

Why do you train?

Simon Sinek is renowned for his innovative thoughts and ideas that challenge individuals and companies to rethink how they do business but the most important of these that he brought to the fore was to “Start with Why”. This notion is critical in business and can be applied to every aspect of our working lives, be it at an individual […]